Happy International Women’s Day!

Wondering how women are faring in our state? With recent legislation, I think you probably already know the answer. 

Here’s a short equal pay fact sheet for the state—spoiler alert, on average women in the state make 75 cents for each male $1. 

Here’s the Women’s Social and Economic Status in Arkansas, an Interim Study Proposal conducted in 2011 by former Representative Kathy Webb. It covers health, education, and economic status.

A health highlight:

Today’s Arkansas women face an unprecedented health care crisis. Women in nearly a quarter of Arkansas counties are expected to die younger than they were a generation ago, a setback that has not happened since the 1918 Spanish Influenza epidemic. Nineteen counties in Arkansas saw female life expectancy fall between 1987 and 2007, with a growing disparity between healthy and unhealthy areas. .

An economic status highlight: 

Poverty is a persistent and pernicious problem for women in Arkansas. Among the fifty states and the District of Columbia, the poverty rate for women in Arkansas is the 7th highest in the nation. The Census Bureau’s latest figures on poverty show that significant numbers of U.S. women are living in poverty: 23.8 million, or 15.6 percent, compared with 19.1 million, or 13.1 percent of males. The poverty rate among women in Arkansas is considerably higher than the national rate. In Arkansas, 20.2 percent of women live in poverty, compared with 16.6 percent of men. The overall poverty rate for all people in the United States was 14.4 percent, compared with Arkansas’s total poverty rate of 18.4 percent.

Stay informed, y’all.

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